News and Headlines – February 18, 2015

ISIS is getting even more medieval in their methods – horrifying the world with the latest.  Considering what they’re now doing would you support the US again sending in ground troops on a large scale?

Factory production increased less than expected in January 2015.

The situation on the west coast isn’t getting better – in fact the entire supply chain that comes from the West Coast is close to being shut down.  Take a look at this article from last week, and an update from today where you can see a live map of the congestion in the port.

A federal judge in Texas has put the brakes on President Obama’s Amnesty plan.

No-knock raid in Miami hits the wrong home again – this time terrorizing a 90 year old woman.

Could Kasich be considering a run in 2016?  It appears so – he was recently in South Carolina calling for a ground war to combat ISIS.

Scott Walker and Jeb Bush are currently leading the group of GOP hopefuls in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina polls.



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