Economy of One – Week of September 7th Podcasts

September 8th:

Hour 1: Best of:  Unintended, and expensive, consequences of regulations on small businesses; How controlling the money supply makes money more, or less, expensive / comparing US currency to foreign currencies; Peter Schwartz, Distinguished Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute on his new book In Defense of Selfishness 

Hour 2: Best of: Government controlling free speech and minority ownership of businesses; Facebook obtains patent that allows lenders to determine creditworthiness based on your Facebook friends; Will China really dominate the world?; Charles Hugh Smith article on financializing the human experience.

September 9, 2015 with Doug Miller hosting:

Hour 1: with Chris Henry from Private Wealth Consultants – Apple announcement day and tech stocks; Housing and loans.

Hour 2: GDP; Candidate tax plans.

September 10, 2015

Hour 1: Best of: Using margin; The new, non-traditional home loan that counts EVERYONE’S income; Edward Pinto replay.

Hour 2: Replay: Will the Fed raise interest rates in September?; QE debate – is it still continuing or has it eased?; Exports/Imports and the value of the dollar.

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