An Economy of One – March 17, 2016

Hour 1: Propaganda being put out to Millennials and youth by progressives; Election propaganda; Caller question: How QE has hurt the small account saver; Woodrow Wilcox, author of Solving Medicare Problem$; What masquerades as racism on the college campus today. 

Hour 2: Trade deficit with Mark Perry of AEI; Earth Hour / Human Achievement Hour; Generational politics discussion with Producer Dan and Josh, the EoOne chief button pusher/social media guru; Who Not to Vote For – by Adam Corolla (discussion only)

Show resources:

Mark Perry’s Carpe Diem Blog

Solving Medicare Problem$ by Woodrow Wilcox

Website: Obamacare Hurts Seniors

Who NOT to Vote For by Adam Corolla (**Offensive Language Warning**)

Cover photo/Featured photo: Mark Perry, Carpe Diem Blog/AEI



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