An Economy of One – April 14, 2016

Hour 1: Tax returns due Monday 4/18 this year; IRS security still lax; Wealthy comedian comes out in support of Sanders, at the same time says he can’t afford to pay more in taxes; CFPB and its stranglehold; Leslie Hiner, of the Friedman Foundation, interview from CPAC 2016; OSU crybully protest put down by strong administration.  

Hour 2: Mark Perry, of AEI, on minimum wage and socialism’s resurgence, the appeal of Trump’s protectionism and Sander’s free stuff to today’s youth; Million Student March for debt forgiveness draws dozens (click the link and look at the picture – if education is a human right, go educate yourself.  You can do it pretty much for free at the library or on-line.  Just ask Charles Hugh Smith from; Someone take away his pen and his phone: 400,000 student loans forgiven – this is just the beginning; A Modest Proposal writing assignment turned into a big mess for h.s. student.  (To read Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’ CLICK HERE); Animals, local pet hospice.  

Great example of the minimum wage law using meat – from Mark Perry:

Carpe Diem blog – highly recommended reading.


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