An Economy of One with Dr. Brian Anse Patrick – July 13, 2016

Hour 1 – with Gary Rathbun, Dr. Brian Anse Patrick and Doug Miller: Narrative surrounding police shootings/shootings involving the police; New narrative coming out of the BLM; The meaning of the term ‘Self-radicalized’ and other catchphrases used by the anti-gun movement; Do you counteract propaganda with counter-propaganda? Why aren’t prominent black men and women counteracting the BLM propaganda? 

Hour 2 – The misinformation from the media and television story-lines; Is there a chance that the 2nd amendment could be repealed and that we could lose all of our gun rights?  2nd amendment doesn’t give us the right to carry, it PROTECTS our right to carry; Dr. Patrick’s opinion on whether or not our 2nd amendment rights are eroding and the abuse of power in taking away our rights; Statistics on gun deaths – suicide, by family members, etc.

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