An Economy of One – August 10, 2016

Hour 1: Labor numbers revised, by a factor of ten.  Negatively.  Wages aren’t actually growing.; Gun purchases and CCW permit applications hit record, murder rate drops; Proposed law in Texas – if you are harmed because you can’t carry your firearm in a business, you can hold the business liable; Ken Klukowski of First Liberty Institute that will restrict first amendment rights of attorneys; Anyone with a license could be at risk by free speech restrictions

Hour 2: Peter Wallinson of AEI on Fannie/Freddie stress test results; The push to abandon safety measures by lending institutions; The Pentagon can’t find $6.5 trillion (to put it in perspective – that’s a 1/3 of the national debt); No end to government intrusion – just ask New Jersey and their possible coffee law; New York Times Bestseller List


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