Living in Mass Hysteria

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, recently penned an article about the mass hysteria gripping millions across the country.  He helpfully explains:

But if you are not experiencing mass hysteria, you might be totally confused by the actions of the people who are. They appear to be irrational, but in ways that are hard to define. You can’t tell if they are stupid, unscrupulous, ignorant, mentally ill, emotionally unstable or what. It just looks frickin’ crazy.

The reason you can’t easily identify what-the-hell is going on in the country right now is that a powerful mass hysteria is in play. If you see the signs after I point them out, you’re probably not in the hysteria bubble. If you read this and do NOT see the signs, it probably means you’re trapped inside the mass hysteria bubble.

You can read the entire post at his blog by clicking HERE

Another fun story to note is some of the fallout from the mass hysteria. Yesterday, an ESPN anchor who, unfortunately, is named Robert Lee was pulled from announcing the University of Virginia football game.  Now, this may make sense to the Mass Hysterians out there – he’s named after a confederate general, after all.  But proving how illogical the hysteria truly is, Mr. Lee, of ESPN, is Asian-American. So now all people of Asian decent with the last name Lee might want to consider a name change, just to be safe.  You can read about this by CLICKING HERE.

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