Facebook’s new data grab, YUGE jobs numbers, Cory, Nancy, and all the ‘leaked’ Super Bowl commercials a kid could want

Teach your kids the value of $20, and the infinite value of their privacy: Facebook’s new data-for-cash debacle. And: Teens deserve more than $20 for giving all their phone data to Facebook. My 11 year old just got an ear full he was not expecting.

You know they’ll credit the furloughed government workers looking for a second job for the fantastic January jobs numbers.  Anything to keep credit from the President.

If you have some time to jump down a rabbit hole with Mark Perry of AEI because you’re on your 4th (or 5th) snow day this week, or just killing time waiting for The Big Game, take a look at this can of worms he wrenched open with one single tweet about the University of Michigan Diversity Staff and their compensation. Prepare to be ticked.

You guys, with Cory Booker throwing his hat in the ring for 2020, the Dem side of the ticket is shaping up to be The Greatest Show on Earth. (By the way, the election is NEXT YEAR.  Let that sink in for a moment.)

While we’re at it, someone seriously check on Nancy Pelosi.  She is NOT okay.

Pssssttt! Hey, KID!  Want some leaked Super Bowl commercials?  I got ’em right here.

The financial blacklisting continues, this time with a browser extension that eliminates pro-Trump sites from your browser search. Great way to keep yourself ill-informed.  Highly recommended for the delicate flowers in your life.

From Steve Kelley at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Always take care to not offend the left…

skelley MAGA hat


Are kids getting soft?

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