Super Bowl commercial disappointment, bleed the rich, a possible cigarette ban in Hawaii,

If you watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials, you were probably pretty disappointed last night as you got lectured on myriad social justice issues.  Which one was the worst?

Well.  This is inconvenient. Maybe just apologize and pledge to do better instead of trotting out a million dollar spot? Headline: Verizon Super Bowl ads honor California firefighters after throttling their data speeds.

Jobs numbers were surprisingly through the roof for January.  Mickey Levy of gives us a quick analysis of what that could mean for the economy HERE.

You want the rich to pay more taxes?  Lower the tax rate. It doesn’t make sense, I know, but it works and Dan Mitchell explains why HERE.

While we’re talking Dan Mitchell: Here’s why protectionism isn’t good for the economy:


Before we completely move on from free market topics, Hawaii wants to ban ALL cigarette sales. Who wants to tell Hawaii what will happen if they ban ALL cigarette sales?

Which 115th Congress representatives like to flash your cash most?  Jeffrey Miron from Cato has the numbers.

Progressives were hoping we’d moved on from the Nathan Phillips moment.  Unfortunately for them, the kids who were made the center of the controversy, against their will, won’t let it go. There’s video in THIS PJ Media LINK you’ll want to see, that’s just a tad inconvenient for the left.

Did you stay warm last week?  Thank capitalism.

Some political reality from

Kamala Harris free healthcare

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