CT ammunition tax, how many bullets does someone need for protection, the State of the Union, migrant buses at the border, RBG returns

Connecticut legislators, as if they don’t have enough problems with other things including their budget, has introduced HB 5700 – a bill that adds a 50% tax on ammunition. Rep. Gilchrist, the bill’s sponsor, reasons, “I’m hearing push back about the need to protect one’s home… but how much ammunition does someone really need to do that?” Well… looking at these recent headlines collected by Tom Gresham, host of Gun Talk Radio, more than she thinks.  Home invasion headlines

And in case Gilchrist is wondering, even the DOJ says gun laws don’t work because criminals get their guns illegally. Ya’ don’t say?!

Continuing with Constitutional Tuesday: The Supreme Court recently voted to hear a 2A case.  The schedule hasn’t been set but this spring New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc v. City of New York, New York should be on the calendar.  We’ll keep you posted and get Ilya Shapiro from Cato on to discuss implications.

More fallout of the #MeToo movement – no one will want to mentor you or your daughter for fear of being accused of inappropriate behavior.

Looking forward to the State of the Union tonight?  Word is the President will focus on bipartisanship and unity in his address this evening.  Is that going to work or will it look more like this political cartoon from Will Durst?

SOTU 2019

One big question is whether the president will address the migrant caravan that just arrived at the Texas border, via BUS.  Who paid for the buses? We’ll probably never know, but we can take an educated guess. (COUGH *Soros* COUGH)

Could the SotU be reduced to five words?  Wayne Crews of CEI would like to see it happen and has the five words all picked out.

The Notorious RBG is back and making her first appearance since surgery at the State of the Union tonight.

The best person to follow during the State of the Union is the VodkaPundit, Stephen Green.  He drunk blogs the event, just like he drunk blogs the debates. The man is more coherent after a few martinis than most pundits are completely sober.  You can find his articles at PJ Media. He’s confirmed he WILL be live blogging tonight’s SotU, so check here to catch it: https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/

Remember those great jobs numbers?  GM announces 4000 early buyouts and cuts to their contractor work-force.


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