Each week, An Economy of One focuses on the real issues that impact our lives and the solutions needed to navigate through a high stress world of information overload.

From the rising cost of food and education to the real impact of the health care changes and the Fed’s loose money policy on your personal finances, host Gary Rathbun delivers common sense analysis and practical advice to his listeners.

Gary handles questions your listeners have such as: “Is an expensive four year university still a wise investment?” and “How do I keep my identity and privacy safe in a hyper-connected world without being a recluse?” or “What other better options do I have for health care now that Obamacare is in place?”

Gary helps people focus on the right information and the correct actions to take, replacing anxiety with action and arming his listeners with the tools to become self-reliant and live a life of liberty and happiness.

Gary connects the dots between the complex worlds of finance, business, politics and economics and more importantly, its impact on the average person. He not only tells his listeners what’s going wrong, but offers real alternatives that can help the country and his listeners get back on track.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Gary,
    Heard show with you mentioning St. Louis Fed comments on present mind set thinking of continual borrowing verses our generations plan , save, pay as you go.

    Like to share with my children.


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