Mike Rowe: Don’t Follow Your Passion

If you ask a high school or college grad about the career advice they’ve received, they’ve likely heard something like, “Follow your passion.” Is this really the advice we should be giving young people looking at spending four years and tens of thousands of dollars at a four-year university? Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs…

An Economy of One – January 27, 2016

Hour 1: FOMC notes released; The roll of the central bank in the boom and bust cycle; Current economic indicators vs the ones in ’07 and ’08; Caller question: More QE to come?; Caller question: Is there another recession on the horizon?  Hour 2: Government panel has new gun recommendations: depression testing for everyone, doctors…

An Economy of One – December 3, 2015

Hour 1: San Bernadino; IMF/Special Drawing Rights; Paris Climate Summit and the president’s faux pas; Solar energy and legislation to increase electrical rates by 90%.  Hour 2: Total US Debt; Rhetoric of the left, and of politics in general; Mark Zuckerberg’s huge charitable donation; Student loan debt.

An Economy of One – December 1, 2015

Hour 1: Black Friday/Cyber Monday; Income growth; IMF approves Yuan in SDR; Contango.  Hour 2: Dr. Brian Anse Patrick on mass shootings, campus unrest, presidential candidates (3 segments);  New York Common Core math scores; Military dogs can now be retired to their handlers. 

An Economy of One – August 27, 2015

Hour 1: Up day in the market because of economic news; Some of the reasons for the market correction this week; Is capitalism ‘Intolerable’?’; Political correctness on steroids.  Hour 2: Peter Schwartz, author of In Defense of Selfishness; 141 counties in the US  have more registered voters than living people; Nuclear waste being planted in Canada just…