An Economy of One – January 17, 2018

Hour 1: China still playing politics with our debt. and why it doesn’t matter; Recession as a way to reset; Apple repatriating more than $400B, and the SALT deduction; Art as an investment Hour 2: Sophie update; Investing basics; P/E ratio basics; The difference between money and wealth; Should Apple be in charge of controlling…

An Economy of One – January 11, 2018

Hour 1:Chinese debt and the dollar’s strength; Petrodollar; Gordon Chang; The sugar tax strikes Seattle, WA Hour 2: How statistics can be skewed using mathematics (See article by Thomas P. Sheahen); The flu projections; The cafe con leche index helps visualize Venezuela’s meltdown; IRS needs more money

An Economy of One – January 10, 2018

Hour 1: China is selling US debt; Why is dollar so strong on the world market?; N. Korea reactivates Bat Phone; Fight for $15 failed where tax cuts succeeded Hour 2: Bundy trial thrown out after prosecution withholds evidence; Our brains are negative by nature, and companies take advantage of that; Do we want Apple…

An Economy of One – January 3, 2018

Hour 1: The Browns perfect season; FOMC minutes and unemployment; John Tamny, editor of; Blame it on a bagel Hour 2: The numbers of 2017; Tucker Carlson’s 20 old-school rules for the New Year; California’s strange series of new rules; California, the Sanctuary State; CA animal shelter puts dogs on a vegan diet

An Economy of One – December 19, 2017

Hour 1: House passes tax overhaul bill; Veronique de Rugy of Mercatus on tax bill; President Obama’s tax on Christmas (trees) Hour 2: Gary’s ‘The Last Jedi’ review; The spate of sexual harassment allegations; Random acts of kindness and generous tipping

An Economy of One – December 14, 2017

Hour 1: The destruction of societies via socialism; Is capitalism evil?; Peter Cove, author of “Poor No More“; Caller Greg on tax reform and jobs Hour 2: The difficulty of hiring good employees; Concealed carry reciprocity passed; Former president Obama takes credit for climate change programs fixing the economy; 6 year old makes 11 M/year…