An Economy of One – August 1, 2018

Hour 1: Federal Reserve Wednesday; HUD bans smoking in public housing they manage; Parma, OH man charged after breaking a car window to rescue a dog on a hot day Hour 2: Civil asset forfeiture in Michigan; 2nd amendment cases in Hawaii, California, and Florida; Caller Greg

An Economy of One – July 18, 2018

Hour 1: Bernanke speaks on the yield curve; Fed shrinking the balance sheet; An All-American holiday: National Hot Dog Day Hour 2: Universal Basic Income study; San Francisco wants to push ahead with a head tax; Caller Ed on the head tax  

An Economy of One – July 10, 2018

Hour 1: Kavanaugh chosen for the Supreme Court; American morals and values; A small segment of the population seems to always control the entire population; History of the Supreme Court and how you can qualify to be a Supreme Court justice Hour 2: Mark W. Smith on his book: #Duped: How the Anti-Gun Lobby Exploits…