An Economy of One – January 27, 2016

Hour 1: FOMC notes released; The roll of the central bank in the boom and bust cycle; Current economic indicators vs the ones in ’07 and ’08; Caller question: More QE to come?; Caller question: Is there another recession on the horizon?  Hour 2: Government panel has new gun recommendations: depression testing for everyone, doctors…

An Economy of One – December 3, 2015

Hour 1: San Bernadino; IMF/Special Drawing Rights; Paris Climate Summit and the president’s faux pas; Solar energy and legislation to increase electrical rates by 90%.  Hour 2: Total US Debt; Rhetoric of the left, and of politics in general; Mark Zuckerberg’s huge charitable donation; Student loan debt.

An Economy of One – July 14, 2015

Hour 1: Government use of force; World poverty rate; Professor Harry Veryser on the Papal view of capitalism.  Hour 2: Are the poor really getting poorer?; The real state of our economy and the savings economy; Are we the most hated nation in the world?; Panic attack caused by a Confederate Flag.