An Economy of One – August 2, 2018

Hour 1: NFL Preseason; Fuel efficiency regulations; Carbon dioxide tax Hour 2: Apple market cap reaches $1T; The entrepreneurial spirit; What does it take to be an entrepreneur and build a company?; Teavana stores prevented from closing in Indiana because ‘Starbucks can absorb the loss.’

An Economy of One – January 17, 2018

Hour 1: China still playing politics with our debt. and why it doesn’t matter; Recession as a way to reset; Apple repatriating more than $400B, and the SALT deduction; Art as an investment Hour 2: Sophie update; Investing basics; P/E ratio basics; The difference between money and wealth; Should Apple be in charge of controlling…

An Economy of One – January 10, 2018

Hour 1: China is selling US debt; Why is dollar so strong on the world market?; N. Korea reactivates Bat Phone; Fight for $15 failed where tax cuts succeeded Hour 2: Bundy trial thrown out after prosecution withholds evidence; Our brains are negative by nature, and companies take advantage of that; Do we want Apple…

An Economy of One – April 25, 2016

One hour with Doug Miller and guest Kevin Rahe – Preparing for retirement isn’t just about stopping work; Kevin Rahe of Resolute Bank discusses the market for regional banks and the regulations they face from Washington, DC; Advice from Steve Wozniak of Apple.

News and Headlines – February 20, 2015

Computer manufacturer, Lenovo, admits to putting tracking software on PCs. Greek bailout extended 4 months Markets immediately reacted to the news of the Greek extension S&P hits new record high Apple could be producing cars as soon as 2020 Goldman cut Q1 GDP because of snow  (Note to Goldman – it snows and is cold…