An Economy of One – December 7, 2017

Hour 1: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day; Supreme Court hears freedom of expression / cake case; The over-licensing of America; Bitcoin & other digital currencies Hour 2: Patrick Eddington from Cato on government collecting and storing our data; YouTube video moderation; Younger generations acceptance of socialism increasing; Concealed carry reciprocity

An Economy of One – December 5, 2017

Hr 1: Choice and fragmentation in television viewership driven by NFL controversy; Stop limits; The ABC/Flynn effect on the stock market; The musician who ‘gave’ $90,000 to the police Hour 2: The danger of sanctuary cities; Obama era legislation hidden in Concealed Carry reciprocity act; Caller Greg; The Bitcoin surge; President Trump returns control of…

An Economy of One – November 30, 2017

Hour 1: Tax bill; Shakespeare for dogs; Why do we stick to politicians, pundits, economists when they’re wrong time and again?; Bitcoin FOMO Hour 2: Tax trigger to raise revenue; Year end charitable giving; Self-identifying as a ‘person of color’ at Brown university; National concealed carry reciprocity

The Future of Money Seminar: Slides and Audio

Audio: Slides: Seminar slides 5-11-2017 Please note: Because the slides were created in Power Point and converted to a PDF file, some slides have layering that obscures the words. Below you’ll find the information that is difficult to see: Pg 22 text:  Deep Learning. Blockchain. Pg 31 text:  Fintech/Finance. Banking/Insurance. Payments. Smart contracts/Legal/ Compliance.  …