An Economy of One – January 3, 2018

Hour 1: The Browns perfect season; FOMC minutes and unemployment; John Tamny, editor of; Blame it on a bagel Hour 2: The numbers of 2017; Tucker Carlson’s 20 old-school rules for the New Year; California’s strange series of new rules; California, the Sanctuary State; CA animal shelter puts dogs on a vegan diet

An Economy of One with Dr. Brian Anse Patrick – July 13, 2016

Hour 1 – with Gary Rathbun, Dr. Brian Anse Patrick and Doug Miller: Narrative surrounding police shootings/shootings involving the police; New narrative coming out of the BLM; The meaning of the term ‘Self-radicalized’ and other catchphrases used by the anti-gun movement; Do you counteract propaganda with counter-propaganda? Why aren’t prominent black men and women counteracting…

An Economy of one – July 6, 2016

Hour 1: Everything you need to know about the Federal Reserve in one word; Inflation and the 10 year interest rate, flight to safety; New California gun laws; What’s new in government stupidity. Hour 2: Hillary and the FBI; John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute; TSA long wait false alarm… for the time being.