An Economy of One – January 10, 2018

Hour 1: China is selling US debt; Why is dollar so strong on the world market?; N. Korea reactivates Bat Phone; Fight for $15 failed where tax cuts succeeded Hour 2: Bundy trial thrown out after prosecution withholds evidence; Our brains are negative by nature, and companies take advantage of that; Do we want Apple…

An Economy of One – January 7, 2016

Hour 1: Chinese markets hit circuit breakers, shut down trading; What are bonds?; How interest rates affect bonds  Hour 2: Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine on the executive orders on guns; The effect the executive orders have on non-gun owners; The fight against $15 in the fast-food industry and unintended consequences; Country of origin labeling

Economy of One – Week of September 7th Podcasts

September 8th: Hour 1: Best of:  Unintended, and expensive, consequences of regulations on small businesses; How controlling the money supply makes money more, or less, expensive / comparing US currency to foreign currencies; Peter Schwartz, Distinguished Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute on his new book In Defense of Selfishness  Hour 2: Best of: Government controlling…

An Economy of One – September 1, 2015

One hour:  Is China to blame for market volatility?; Trade surplus around the world; Using the Chicago Cubs method to predict market declines; NLRB new rules treat franchisees and contractors the same as parent companies; iTunes sues Drake for Hurricane Katrina fundraiser.