An Economy of One – December 3, 2015

Hour 1: San Bernadino; IMF/Special Drawing Rights; Paris Climate Summit and the president’s faux pas; Solar energy and legislation to increase electrical rates by 90%.  Hour 2: Total US Debt; Rhetoric of the left, and of politics in general; Mark Zuckerberg’s huge charitable donation; Student loan debt.

Americans spending the gas savings?

It appears, according to BlooombergBusiness, that Americans are taking a page from Scarlett O’Hara when it comes to the money they’re saving at the pump.  Most of us seem to be using that money to splurge instead of save.  Case in point: It wasn’t simply the $40-per-month in gasoline savings that prompted Melanie Gold, 46,…

Promises, Promises

Thanks to the folks at Hot Air for the article about the 112 promises and the folks at Grabien for the montage of the audio/video.  They do the hard work so you don’t have to. CLICK HERE to enjoy.  Or cringe. To save you searching for your earworm of the day:

Concept Car or Flop?

Would you purchase the newest concept car from Mercedes-Benz?  Or have they taken their futuristic look too far? If you went to the North American Auto Show in Detroit over the weekend, which brands and cars were the winners and losers?