An Economy of One – August 2, 2018

Hour 1: NFL Preseason; Fuel efficiency regulations; Carbon dioxide tax Hour 2: Apple market cap reaches $1T; The entrepreneurial spirit; What does it take to be an entrepreneur and build a company?; Teavana stores prevented from closing in Indiana because ‘Starbucks can absorb the loss.’

An Economy of One – April 27, 2017

Hour one: ‘Threat’ of a government shutdown; Harvard study on impact of raising minimum wage; Mortality tables and how to plan for a long future; The new fashion trend: Pre-soiled jeans.  Hour two: Dr. Richard Ebeling, economics professor at The Citadel; Declining number of new business start-ups; Has the US lost its entrepreneurial spirit? Short…

Headlines: April 3, 2017

Creative destruction: Thousands of traditional retailers close as consumers switch to online retailers like Amazon And that means we will continue to see more creative destruction in the retail sector from Hurricane Joseph Schumpeter as brick-and-mortar retailers continue to close, probably along with many of the malls where those retailers were once located. When an…

An Economy of One – November 3, 2016

Hour 1: Some early voters want to change their vote; Voter fraud; Ray Keating, Chief Economist of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council; Being an entrepreneur Hour 2: Seton Motley; Taking a chance – Shark Tank; The Brexit mentality and fallout; World Series win celebration vs a normal night in Chicago

An Economy of One – September 20, 2016

Hour 1: A good entrepreneur vs. the worlds worst employee; Does Trump take unfair advantage of corporate tax breaks? Or do all large corporations get tax breaks?; A dirty kid is a healthy kid. Hour 2: Is a world without work coming? What happens then?; Continuing resolution on the US Federal Budget; Ex-Im Bank; Now…