An Economy of One – August 9, 2016

Hour 1: Trump always under attack; Trump’s economic team; H. Sterling Burnett of The Heartland Institute on possible criminal charges against the EPA; Star Trek – big deal about ‘gay’ scene. Hour 2: New ABA rule that infringes on the first amendment rights of attorneys; Depreciating assets, consumer spending; Scotty Brown on the antique motorcycle…

Economy of One – Week of September 1st podcasts

September 1, 2015: Hour 1: Market volatility; secret market indicator (the Cubs no hitter indicator); NLRB joint employer agreement bites franchisees on the butt; Waters of the US ruling.  Hour 2: Replay due to Indians baseball  September 2, 2015: Hour 1: Is climate change biggest threat facing US today; Ground level ozone regulations that ignore…

An Economy of One – August 20, 2015

One hour: Are women failing at financial literacy? The BLS plans to cut back on the information it gathers and releases; EPA now admits low income minorities will be hardest hit by regulations; Made in the USA markets on the rise around the world. 

An Economy of One – Thursday, May 28th

Hour 1: Money Supply/National Debt (M1, M2, M3); What happens if we default?; Disrupting markets with AirBNB for heavy equipment.  Hour 2: EPA’s land grab, by removing the word navigable; How to reduce the national debt; Logistics of repatriating gold; Cali TP too absorbent?