News & Headlines – May 1, 2015

US Navy now accompanying US flagged ships through the Strait of Hormuz. The fallout from minimum wage increase – a lesson for everyone involved. The Democrats seem to be slow learners, and are now pushing for a $12 federal minimum wage. You knew this was coming: Baltimore mom accused of child abuse after beating teen…

John Stossel – What Creates Jobs?

John Stossel goes to the public with the question, “What creates jobs?”  Not surprisingly, he found most people had no idea. He goes on to write: One said, “stimulus!” What? Government creates jobs? No! I suppose it’s natural that people think government creates jobs because politicians always say that. “We’ve now created more than 10…

News & Headlines – April 20, 2015

2:09:17 is the winning time for the 2015 Boston Marathon. USS Theodore Roosevelt to Yemeni waters. 420 the new High Holiday for marijuana fans. For these companies, 420 happens every day. Legally. VW bringing back its Transporter van: The ‘Covered Girl Challenge’ draws outrage at Ohio high school. Greece takes public-sector cash to stay afloat.…

News & Headlines – April 13, 2015

American tourists are what’s truly plaguing Cuba. As Hillary Clinton launches her campaign, let’s not forget her Benghazi performance. Sure our president might cozy up to dictators, but can any of the 2016 GOP field do this?  I don’t think so! And finally, Gary’s favorite picture from the NRA Convention  

NRA-ILA Convention 2015

Gary attended the 2015 NRA Convention in Nashville, TN this past weekend, along with Tom Gresham of Gun Talk Radio (pictured below)…and about 78,663 of their closest friends. One of the most important things to remember from the convention as that an individual you want to retain your autonomy.  Because —