An Economy of One – February 21, 2018

Hour 1: Olympics update with Rudy & Dan; FOMC minutes; Interest rates and market movement; Billy Graham dies at 99 Hour 2: Stock buybacks; The sole purpose of a company; Should you worry about robots taking over jobs?; Schools take away recess as punishment

An Economy of One – January 3, 2018

Hour 1: The Browns perfect season; FOMC minutes and unemployment; John Tamny, editor of; Blame it on a bagel Hour 2: The numbers of 2017; Tucker Carlson’s 20 old-school rules for the New Year; California’s strange series of new rules; California, the Sanctuary State; CA animal shelter puts dogs on a vegan diet

An Economy of One – August 17, 2016

Hour1 : FOMC minutes released today; 45 years ago Nixon took us off the gold standard to pay for the Vietnam War; Nixon’s wage and price control fail; The effect of the price controls – ceiling creates a shortage, a floor creates a surplus (and how this relates to the minimum wage/’Fight for $15.); Academic…