An Economy of One – May 29, 2018

Hour 1:The roots of socialism in the US; Can you have freedom from want?; John Tamny of his new book: The End of Work; Hour 2:Roseanne cancelled because of an offensive tweet; Tommy Robinson jailed in UK for reporting on ‘grooming gang’ trial; EU trying to ban ‘single use’ plastic; Memorial Day – what exactly is…

An Economy of One – October 17, 2017

Hr 1: Millennials missing important life skills; Younger generations losing faith in freedom and want certain types of speech restricted; Sterling Burnett of the Heartland Institute on Sue and Settle directive Hr 2: Homogeneity and rights; Chris Edwards on proposed RMD rules; Charitable giving

An Economy of One, May 30, 2017

Hour 1: President Trump’s foreign policy tour; The factors that dissuade people from starting a business; More on the Waters of the US bill Hour 2: Memorial Day parades and celebrations; True freedom, a definition; The upside of amateurs; Paul Krugman, “The Unfreeing of American Workers”; Summer movies