An Economy of One – November 21, 2017

Hour 1: Is Capitalism dead?; The demise of Earth is imminent; Power corrupts; Would a US General refuse a direct order from the President? Hour 2: NFL attendance; Caller question: gold, inflation, strength of the dollar; Farmer’s markets show the strength of capitalism; Guidelines have moved for blood pressure and cholesterol… why?

An Economy of One – April 26, 2017

Hour one: March for Science; Global warming and Al Gore’s latest demands; Dr. Betsy McCaughey on the fight against hospital borne infections Hour two: Ryan Radia, research fellow and regulatory counsel at Competitive Enterprise Institute; Venezuela’s continuing meltdown / Is Venezuela’s crisis a look into the future of the U.S.?; The long-reaching effect of Anderson’s…

News & Headlines – April 28, 2015

Baltimore is burning. Don’t let mom catch you looting! A Baltimore mom takes control of her kid who is taking part in the Baltimore riots: Clinton Foundation has at least 8 big problems. Human beings are being blamed for 75% of ‘global warming’ hot days. Iranian forces have captured and boarded a Western cargo ship.