An Economy of One – May 4, 2017

Hour one: AHCA and pre-existing conditions, Jill Trosin, Vice President Patient Care Services / CNO of St. Luke’s Hospital on the new Xenex LightStrike machine  Hour two: John Berlau of CEI on repealing onerous regulations; Caller Greg; Puerto Rico bankruptcy Featured image:

An Economy of One – April 20, 2017

Hour one: Thoughts on giving to charity; Gordon Chang discusses North Korea / China; Media coverage of Trump Hour two: Patriots, most of them, visit the White House; Ad in Toledo Blade for silver bars; The pizza police; Why Dutch children are the happiest in the world

An Economy of One National – June 5, 2016

Extrapolating out to Armageddon; How big is the ‘wealth pie’?; More than half of voters feel helpless and angry; Chuck Surack – founder of Sweetwater Music; Bureaucratic stifling of innovation and entrepreneurship; The danger of killing business.