An Economy of One – May 4, 2017

Hour one: AHCA and pre-existing conditions, Jill Trosin, Vice President Patient Care Services / CNO of St. Luke’s Hospital on the new Xenex LightStrike machine  Hour two: John Berlau of CEI on repealing onerous regulations; Caller Greg; Puerto Rico bankruptcy Featured image:

An Economy of One – April 20, 2017

Hour one: Thoughts on giving to charity; Gordon Chang discusses North Korea / China; Media coverage of Trump Hour two: Patriots, most of them, visit the White House; Ad in Toledo Blade for silver bars; The pizza police; Why Dutch children are the happiest in the world

An Economy of One National – June 5, 2016

Extrapolating out to Armageddon; How big is the ‘wealth pie’?; More than half of voters feel helpless and angry; Chuck Surack – founder of Sweetwater Music; Bureaucratic stifling of innovation and entrepreneurship; The danger of killing business.         

An Economy of One – April 25, 2016

One hour with Doug Miller and guest Kevin Rahe – Preparing for retirement isn’t just about stopping work; Kevin Rahe of Resolute Bank discusses the market for regional banks and the regulations they face from Washington, DC; Advice from Steve Wozniak of Apple.

An Economy of One – March 30, 2016

Hour 1: 35th anniversary of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan; SCotUS decision is victory for criminal defendants; The 4th branch of government; Caller comments from Walt.  Hour 2: John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the new Fiduciary Rule and Dodd-Frank; Is algebra too difficult for our little snowflakes?; All they need is love,…

News & Headlines – June 16, 2015

The GOP field gets more potential candidates with Jeb Bush and Donald Trump announcing. Four signs you’re meant to be an entrepreneur. Trans fats to be eliminated from foods within 3 years.  Virtual reality could change your life more than your smart phone has. IRS has found Lois Lerner’s emails, but they won’t release them.