An Economy of One – April 21, 2016

Hour 1: Competition / ‘fairness’; USC Diversity Department fail; 1999 stories; Politicians afraid of the uprising – Dr. Ron Paul’s take on the current election cycle  Hour 2: Dr. H. Sterling Burnett from The Heartland Institute on the Paris Climate Agreement, Earth Day, and Energy Policy; Gender Neutral Bathrooms; Earth Day thoughts     

An Economy of One – March 16, 2016

Hour 1: CPAC interview with Daniel Simmons of IER on: Oil, coal, energy resources; Federal Reserve decision; SCotUS nomination; Dr. H. Sterling Burnett of The Heartland Institute on possible administrative actions on energy; File & Suspend deadline reminder Hour 2: CPAC interview with John Fund on: Voter fraud and union force; How those in power…

An Economy of One – The Ides of March

Hour 1: The Ides of March; Federal Reserve decision preview; Caller question: on candidate stance on military; President Obama continues his attack on energy; Carcinogens that aren’t  Hour 2: Interview with Ben Shapiro, Editor of The Daily Wire; Immigration and amnesty; Arizona holding municipalities funds hostage