News & Headlines – June 15, 2015

Solar powered plane set to break records in trans-Pacific flight. Greek economic talks collapse, EU fears default/collapse.  Going for Broke: Deficits, Debt & the Entitlement Crisis by Cato Scholar Michael Tanner.  

News & Headlines June 12, 2015

Zimbabwe dollars devalued even further – 175 quadrillion now equal $5 US. Ohio High School where 1/5 of the students are valedictorians. An ‘Apollo Program’ to halt climate change.  What could go wrong there? Grexit imminent?  How will that affect Europe? Even though airplane emissions have decreased over the decades, the EPA just decided to…

Gary Rathbun on the Chad Benson Show

Last night Gary joined nationally syndicated host Chad Benson to explain why the financial problems in Greece should concern the rest of the world, especially the European Union.  Even the United States would be hit by the fallout if Greece was forced, or made the choice to, exit from the European Union.