An Economy of One – August 9, 2017

Hour 1: Freedom at concerts; Opioids impact on business owners and hiring; James Pethokoukis from AEI on ‘Peak Jobs’ and productivity; Hardware store experience… or lack of experience Hour 2: Manufacturer’s response and answer to opioid use; Rep. Dan Donovan / Rep. Debbie Dingall bill Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act; Save a tree, kill…

An Economy of One – February 11, 2016

Hour 1: Oil prices; Gold/Safe Harbors; Income and market equality – the market is unlimited; Poverty in the US (caller comments) that include cable and a smart phone.   Hour 2 with Betsy McCaughey: Rehabilitating prisoners with dogs; Betsy McCaughey on the VA health system, single-payer healthcare, new reporting laws in the workplace; One of…

An Economy of One – January 7, 2016

Hour 1: Chinese markets hit circuit breakers, shut down trading; What are bonds?; How interest rates affect bonds  Hour 2: Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine on the executive orders on guns; The effect the executive orders have on non-gun owners; The fight against $15 in the fast-food industry and unintended consequences; Country of origin labeling

An Economy of One – December 10, 2015

Hour 1: Abusing tragedy for legislation; Nancy Pelosi on California’s gun laws; Travel restrictions imposed; If your last name is Lynch?  It’s racist. Change the names of those buildings and streets while you’re at it.  Hour 2: Gregory Ip, Author of Why Safety Can Be Dangerous and How Danger Makes Us Safe; Changing No Child Left…

An Economy of One – December 8, 2015

Hour 1: Gun control and the no fly list; Do gun free zones keep you safe?; Did the Australian gun control measures work?  Hour 2: Remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor; Exit Tax for corporations wishing to move/do more business abroad; SCotUS refuses to hear Highland case on guns.