An Economy of One Second Amendment Extravaganza – April 6, 2016

With Dr. Brian Anse Patrick co-hosting Hour 1: Concealed carry on campus; Elitist attitudes of anti-gun groups; Tom Gresham on the erosion of the 2nd Amendment; Veterans being able to get permits; The media view of gun enthusiasts  Hour 2: Second amendment with Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation; Protecting yourself in liberal cities:…

An Economy of One – January 27, 2016

Hour 1: FOMC notes released; The roll of the central bank in the boom and bust cycle; Current economic indicators vs the ones in ’07 and ’08; Caller question: More QE to come?; Caller question: Is there another recession on the horizon?  Hour 2: Government panel has new gun recommendations: depression testing for everyone, doctors…

An Economy of One – January 20, 2016

Hour 1: Stock market numbers and the fundamentals; How China ties into our market; Dan, owner of Black Swamp Firearms from Shot Show in Las Vegas; ISIS facing pay cuts  Hour 2: Joe Eaton of on preparing school faculty and staff to face violent situations; How to handle an intruder in your home; Gun laws…

An Economy of One – January 7, 2016

Hour 1: Chinese markets hit circuit breakers, shut down trading; What are bonds?; How interest rates affect bonds  Hour 2: Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine on the executive orders on guns; The effect the executive orders have on non-gun owners; The fight against $15 in the fast-food industry and unintended consequences; Country of origin labeling

An Economy of One – December 8, 2015

Hour 1: Gun control and the no fly list; Do gun free zones keep you safe?; Did the Australian gun control measures work?  Hour 2: Remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor; Exit Tax for corporations wishing to move/do more business abroad; SCotUS refuses to hear Highland case on guns.