An Economy of One – May 11, 2016

Hour 1: Candidates think we’re stupid; Are we being pushed as the American Colonists were pushed in 1770s?;  Hillary Clinton wants the government to pay for daycare – because the current 45 programs just isn’t enough (and caregivers need to be paid more!); The transgender bathroom debate is manufactured drama  Hour 2: Beekeeping questions answered;…

An Economy of One – May 2, 2016

With Doug Miller:  CEO compensation increasing when a company in on the rocks; Is the economy really dying?  Taking a look at the disruptive technologies creating our future; The budget for illegal teens is more than what average Social Security retirement payout; Hillary Clinton campaigning for coal miner votes after promising to shut down coal…

News & Headlines – April 28, 2015

Baltimore is burning. Don’t let mom catch you looting! A Baltimore mom takes control of her kid who is taking part in the Baltimore riots: Clinton Foundation has at least 8 big problems. Human beings are being blamed for 75% of ‘global warming’ hot days. Iranian forces have captured and boarded a Western cargo ship.

News & Headlines – April 21, 2015

The exotic supercar for the ‘Everyman’. An arrest has been made in the 2010 ‘Flash Crash’. Hillary forgets she IS part of the 1% she wants to topple. Ohio will recognize out-of-state issued concealed-carry permits. Koch brother seems to give needed nod to Gov. Scott Walker.