An Economy of One – September 19, 2017

Hour 1: The US Constitution; Neal Schuerer, Executive Director of Campaign Constitution on the Article V Convention of States Hour 2: Dr. Deane Waldman, Texas Public Policy Foundation; The pets of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma; NYT’s worries that 11 year old mowing WH law breaks child labor laws  

An Economy of One – September 12, 2017

Hour 1: Remembering 9/11, the defining moment for a generation; The Equifax hack Hour 2: The aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma; Progressive author claims arresting looters is White Supremacy; SLC nurse stands up for rights of patient, is arrested; Miss America pageant contestant questions

An Economy of One – September 7, 2017

Hour 1: Hurricane Irma’s approach and impact as of Thursday evening; The ineffectiveness of the federal government’s redistribution schemes; Chris Edwards, of the CATO Institute, on the role the federal government should take in disaster relief Hour 2: ‘Making money’ – is that evil?; The benefits of ‘trickle-down economics”; When it’s okay to break the…