An Economy of One – June 27, 2018

Hour 1: Janus V AFSCME decision; Justice Kennedy Retires; Good economic news keeps coming; Fritz Wenzel, Clout Research on polling and primaries; Bank mailings up as they try to sell more loans Hour 2: Federal reserve news; Inflation, devaluation; Harvard kids take a bus tour of small town America; Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name removed from…

An Economy of One – November 21, 2017

Hour 1: Is Capitalism dead?; The demise of Earth is imminent; Power corrupts; Would a US General refuse a direct order from the President? Hour 2: NFL attendance; Caller question: gold, inflation, strength of the dollar; Farmer’s markets show the strength of capitalism; Guidelines have moved for blood pressure and cholesterol… why?

An Economy of One – September 6, 2017

Hour 1: DACA; Edward Conard, of AEI; STEM training in the US and how immigration can help Hour 2: Dr. Richard Ebeling on the Fed targeting inflation; Foundation for Economic Education website; Stanley Fischer announced his resignation from the Federal Reserve Featured image: Service members take the US oath of citizenship while serving in Germany.

An Economy of One – August 16, 2017

Hour one: Continuous attacks on President Trump; Have we reached Peak Employment; Inflation; The reason myRA was closed down; What you really need for retirement? Hour two: What was the real goal of the Charlottesville protest?; Caller Walt on erasing our history; Dunkin’ employee refuses to serve a police officer