An Economy of One – February 28, 2018

Hour 1: Jerome Powell testifies before congress; Interest rates; Andrew Grossman, author of CEI’s amicus brief on Janus v. AFSCME Council 31; Price of oil Hour 2: Liberty and personal responsibility; Climate change and the danger of group think; Dick’s, Delta, and other companies boycotting NRA; With a little help from Facebook, lost dogs are…

An Economy of One – February 21, 2018

Hour 1: Olympics update with Rudy & Dan; FOMC minutes; Interest rates and market movement; Billy Graham dies at 99 Hour 2: Stock buybacks; The sole purpose of a company; Should you worry about robots taking over jobs?; Schools take away recess as punishment

An Economy of One – January 18, 2017

Hour 1: Anderson’s closing hits NW Ohio; China selling off US debt; America’s history of peacefully transferring power – derailed at this inauguration?;  A new tone at the Toledo Blade Hour 2: Kevin Rahe of Resolute Bank on interest rates & refinancing the home loan; Senator Jim DeMint on the steps congress needs to take…

An Economy of One – December 15, 2015

Hour 1: Will the Fed raise interest rates?; Bonds; How Dodd-Frank affected liquidity in the market; How an arbitrage works/ NIRP.  Hour 2: The government’s ‘Lists’; ISIS/ISIL/IS? Are they all interchangeable?; Fake bomb threats close malls; Movement in the Paris Climate Talks.