An Economy of One – March 23, 2016

Hour 1: IRS and the Nortel Tea Party; Detroit retirees pension cuts;Where does the college tuition money?  Not where you think  Hour 2: Veronique de Rugy on extension of overtime rules; Time and a half versus hiring a new person; Gender identity debate at schools in Michigan and the Michigan house fights back; Military gun procurement hits…

An Economy of One – March 10, 2016

Hour 1: Social Security Seminar recap; How would countries that are socialist democracies rank, fiscally, against US states? (Spoiler alert: not so well); Ned Ryun, Founder & President of American Majority on the primaries and on running for office/becoming an activist in your community; The Most Interesting Man In The World retires  Hour 2: Ilya…

News & Headlines – June 16, 2015

The GOP field gets more potential candidates with Jeb Bush and Donald Trump announcing. Four signs you’re meant to be an entrepreneur. Trans fats to be eliminated from foods within 3 years.  Virtual reality could change your life more than your smart phone has. IRS has found Lois Lerner’s emails, but they won’t release them.

News and Headlines – April 23, 2015

While whining that they don’t have enough funding for customer service, the IRS deliberately redirects customer service budget elsewhere. Campus Carry has been legal for 12 years in Colorado without incident. Rap music about ‘water thinking’ is cool – $900,000 of taxpayer funds cool.  

Promises, Promises

Thanks to the folks at Hot Air for the article about the 112 promises and the folks at Grabien for the montage of the audio/video.  They do the hard work so you don’t have to. CLICK HERE to enjoy.  Or cringe. To save you searching for your earworm of the day: