An Economy of One, May 12, 2016

Hour 1: Is Facebook suppressing conservative opinion?; Free speech; Crazy things that might classify you a terrorist – being a Libertarian, being reverent of personal liberty; driving a van, and wearing a hoodie are all on the list;  Michael Cannon, Cato Institute’s director of health policy studies, on Obamacare. Hour 2: Obamacare premium hikes; Do you own…

An Economy of One – Thursday, May 28th

Hour 1: Money Supply/National Debt (M1, M2, M3); What happens if we default?; Disrupting markets with AirBNB for heavy equipment.  Hour 2: EPA’s land grab, by removing the word navigable; How to reduce the national debt; Logistics of repatriating gold; Cali TP too absorbent?