Facebook’s new data grab, YUGE jobs numbers, Cory, Nancy, and all the ‘leaked’ Super Bowl commercials a kid could want

Teach your kids the value of $20, and the infinite value of their privacy: Facebook’s new data-for-cash debacle. And: Teens deserve more than $20 for giving all their phone data to Facebook. My 11 year old just got an ear full he was not expecting. You know they’ll credit the furloughed government workers looking for…

An Economy of One – August 5, 2015

Hour 1: Raising interest rates; Inflation; CEO pay vs. worker pay and how they’ll fudge the math; Getting your credit approved through your Facebook friends  Hour 2: Dick Eppstein, President of the NW Ohio / SE Michigan Better Business Bureau; Do you have a right to shoot down a drone in your own yard?