An Economy of One – June 14, 2018

Hour 1: Jobs numbers; Are we at full employment?; Producer Rudy – an Air Force flag bearer; Small business optimism up; Philadelphia soda tax failure; Freedom v. social justice; New scams Hour 2: Ryan Radia of CEI on antitrust law; Comcast/20th Century Fox/Disney merger; More Trump tax cuts in the works?; Flag Day

Western Union Settlement

In November the FTC announced that people who have been scammed and paid their scammer via Western Union can now file a claim for restitution.  Included are the following types of scams: Internet scams Lottery or prize and promotion schemes Emergency or grandparent scams Advance-fee loan scams Online dating or romance scams Click here for…

An Economy of One – August 5, 2015

Hour 1: Raising interest rates; Inflation; CEO pay vs. worker pay and how they’ll fudge the math; Getting your credit approved through your Facebook friends  Hour 2: Dick Eppstein, President of the NW Ohio / SE Michigan Better Business Bureau; Do you have a right to shoot down a drone in your own yard?