An Economy of One, May 30, 2017

Hour 1: President Trump’s foreign policy tour; The factors that dissuade people from starting a business; More on the Waters of the US bill Hour 2: Memorial Day parades and celebrations; True freedom, a definition; The upside of amateurs; Paul Krugman, “The Unfreeing of American Workers”; Summer movies

An Economy of One – January 16, 2017

One hour with Doug Miller: The intricate ballet of transitioning from one president to the next; Fun inauguration facts; Trump working with his team to repeal the Affordable Care Act; Millions of taxpayers on the hook to either purchase or pay fines for not buying healthcare; The facts behind claims that technology kills jobs; New…

Economy of One – Week of September 7th Podcasts

September 8th: Hour 1: Best of:  Unintended, and expensive, consequences of regulations on small businesses; How controlling the money supply makes money more, or less, expensive / comparing US currency to foreign currencies; Peter Schwartz, Distinguished Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute on his new book In Defense of Selfishness  Hour 2: Best of: Government controlling…

An Economy of One – August 20, 2015

One hour: Are women failing at financial literacy? The BLS plans to cut back on the information it gathers and releases; EPA now admits low income minorities will be hardest hit by regulations; Made in the USA markets on the rise around the world. 

Promises, Promises

Thanks to the folks at Hot Air for the article about the 112 promises and the folks at Grabien for the montage of the audio/video.  They do the hard work so you don’t have to. CLICK HERE to enjoy.  Or cringe. To save you searching for your earworm of the day: