An Economy of One – December 19, 2017

Hour 1: House passes tax overhaul bill; Veronique de Rugy of Mercatus on tax bill; President Obama’s tax on Christmas (trees) Hour 2: Gary’s ‘The Last Jedi’ review; The spate of sexual harassment allegations; Random acts of kindness and generous tipping

An Economy of One – November 16, 2017

Hour 1: CFPB director, Richard Cordray, to steop down; Tax reform update; History of mutual funds Hour 2: More on mutual funds including: why do they trade only once/day, how are they rated and analyzed, who do analysts and researchers actually work for

An Economy of One – November 7, 2017

Hour 1: Can we prevent events like the Texas church shooting?; Millennials prefer socialism to capitalism; The world is more prosperous today Hour 2: Veronique de Rugy on tax reform; Effective tax reform through baby steps; Caller question about government interference in retirement savings and 401k’s; Retiring abroad on a tight income