An Economy of One – February 21, 2018

Hour 1: Olympics update with Rudy & Dan; FOMC minutes; Interest rates and market movement; Billy Graham dies at 99 Hour 2: Stock buybacks; The sole purpose of a company; Should you worry about robots taking over jobs?; Schools take away recess as punishment

An Economy of One – January 10, 2018

Hour 1: China is selling US debt; Why is dollar so strong on the world market?; N. Korea reactivates Bat Phone; Fight for $15 failed where tax cuts succeeded Hour 2: Bundy trial thrown out after prosecution withholds evidence; Our brains are negative by nature, and companies take advantage of that; Do we want Apple…

An Economy of One, November 29, 2017

Hour 1: Joe Bonamassa concert; The unintended consequences of policy making; Six Laws of Technology; Should we destroy North Korea missile depot?  Hour 2: Peter Ireland of Boston College and SOMC; Federal Reserve is looking at creating its own digital currency; The reason behind the moving target on blood pressure and cholesterol; Entrepreneurs with Downs…

An Economy of One – May 9, 2016

One hour with Doug Miller: Summer jobs for college students/internship paths; Prince died intestate, do you need a will? Or will a trust be better?; Digital globalization; How to robot proof your child’s future