An Economy of One – September 8, 2016

Hour 1: Remembering 9/11/01; Refusing to use the words: Muslim, radical, and terrorist all together in a sentence; Truth and lies about Ayn Rand and those who abide by her philosophy; Americans are lazy, say the PotUS Hour 2: Seton Motley on regulatory takings and government creep; PWC business ethics; The candidates; IRS still sitting…


An Economy of One – September 7, 2016

Hour 1: Negative interest rates have the opposite effect governments intend; Why don’t we borrow when interest rates are so low? Banks don’t lend because: 1. Regulators don’t want them to lend to anyone but the federal government & 2. Banks don’t have the reserves; Commander Kirk Lippold (USN Ret.) on Iran.  Hour 2: NFL…


An Economy of One – August 30, 2016

Hour 1: The economics of Seinfeld; Charlie Earl, former candidate for Ohio Secretary of State and Governor discussing the Libertarian party strategy of having a placeholder on the Ohio petitions for presidential ballot access (Earl was that placeholder)   Hour 2: Colin Kaepernick protest; Black Lives Matters protests; Dogs understand words

armed lady

An Economy of One – August 25, 2016

Hour 1: The 2016 election, both sides are getting silly now; For Gary it’s a one issue election: Supreme Court Justices; When politicians, advertisers, and others use fear as a means of control and influence; Tammi Erdman, an Armed Lady instructor with the NRA on how women (and anyone really) can protect themselves. Information on…


An Economy of One – August 24, 2016

Hour 1: Tuberculosis spreading again because of immigrants – but Hillary Clinton’s health is fantastic;  Roger Myers – one of the area’s leading apiarist on keeping bees.  Maumee Valley Beekeepers information Hour 2: Mark Perry on minimum wage; Tornadoes in NW Ohio; New SNAP regulations to force food choices on people; Kids or stock?  You…