An Economy of One – August 8, 2017

Hour one: International currency – will the world go off the dollar standard?; Gary Cohen considered for next Fed Reserve Chair; Caller Walt asks about the Fed, pension plans, fiscal projections; myRA accounts discontinued Hour two: AEI study on major causes of poverty; Heat detectors will soon be standard equipment on new cars; Call for…

Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, talks Obamacare repeal & replace

The healthcare debate rages on in the Senate.  One of the biggest questions is whether the Republicans will back down from Obamacare reform, once again.  Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, joined the show Tuesday to discuss the stalemate.  Listen here:    From the Wall Street Journal today: WASHINGTON—Senate Republicans overcame a range of internal…

An Economy of One – June 29, 2017

Hour one: Bank stress test results; Tier One Capital; AEI/UM Flint’s Mark Perry on the Fight for $15; GDP revised upward for the first quarter of 2017 Hour two: Victor Davis Hanson; Independence Day in the US; History of the American Flag; Red Skelton on The Pledge of Allegience

An Economy of One – June 28, 2017

One hour: Illinois fiscal meltdown; Why are so many pensions still in trouble?; Yellen doesn’t believe there will be another financial crisis in her lifetime; Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute on Supreme Court decisions; House panel approved privatizing air traffic control